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Crash Prevention Training at Christo Driving School

It's a fact: hands-on crash prevention training is the key to safety for all drivers.  At Christo Driving School, we teach our students the rules of the road and we develop in them the proper guidelines for safe vehicle handling on the road, but nothing compares to true hands-on practice to teach students the power of the vehicles they are driving, and the responsibility that goes along with it. 

We could drive our students to an empty parking lot and let them slam on the brakes a few times, giving them a feel for what happens when a car enters a skid... But what about when they need to swerve at high speeds on the highway?  Or when the driver in front of them slams on their brakes.  Will they have practiced these maneuvers?  Will they know how to avoid getting into these situations and what to do when they find themselves in them?  The In Control program consists of a half-day, closed-course, hands-on crash prevention program that teaches kids panic stops, proper ABS brake usage, the dangers of distracted driving, skid control, and the dangers of tailgating.  All students participate in classroom instructions and then practice their new skills until they get it right.  It's a program that we at Christo's feel is vital to the safety of our kids--they deserve all the training they can get.

In Control offers the first state-certified Crash Prevention Training program in the country, and Christo Driving School is proud to partner with them and offer their program at a significant discount for our students.  The "Christo's Kids" program offers a $70 discount off the regular In Control Training rate of $350, lowering our student's costs to just $280 for this life-saving training--plus, In Control graduates qualify for auto insurance discounts up to 10%.  We encourage all of our current and past students to take advantage of this special offer.  Please visit this link to enroll in this special course.

In Control Skid School teaches numerous vehicle defensive driving lessons.

  • Defensive driving techniques 
  • Tailgating drills 
  • Steering control 
  • Speed control 
  • Spatial awareness / Backing up 
  • Hazardous conditions 
  • Rapid decision making 
  • Personal risk assessment 
  • Proper hand placement and seating 
  • Emergency braking (including ABS) 
  • Emergency lane change 
  • Dealing with distractions 
  • Making quick decisions

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The In Control Crash Prevention Training program reduces the likelihood of first-year driver crashes by 70%